Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Trigun: Millie and Meryl w/ Spotlights

Trigun is one of those animes where you never know exactly what to expect from it. Combining western gun-slinging action with sci-fi drama, romance and comedy, this anime had preachers armed to teeth with concealed weapons, hot insurance agents packing pistols beneath their jackets and a seemingly bumbling protagonist turn out to be alien sharpshooter with cybernetic enhancements. Even knowing all of that, the following scene still managed to throw me for a loop. See for yourselves...

(These are from the Trigun anime (forgot the episode number). I have to give a huge thanks to the anime fan Starky for capping this. He really did an amazing job. I would also like to thank StreetFighterDash and P for tipping me off and providing a clip for this anime as well)

I'd be in a lot of trouble if those two fired a gun at me like that. I'd be staring at their bare feet like a deer caught in headlights while they take their sweet time aiming and blasting me into next week. ^_^;

While I'm on the subject of Trigun, let me also say that I got the chance to watch this anime completely through and liked it a lot. It's definitely one of a kind...starting off as comedy and graduating into serious action and drama but it really works. It also has a great cast of characters (including the two hotties above) and really exciting storyline. If you guys can track this series is definitely an intense watch. ^_^

Ok...November marks the 2 year anniversary since I began writing for To commemorate this occasion...let do something that I haven't done in a long time...
Writing Spotlights!!! O_O

Actually, because I haven't done this segment in a while...there are a lot of stories that I want to talk about this time around. ^_^ With so much to cover...I'm gonna have to tackle them hard and fast so instead of just a regular spotlights section...let's make this one...

Rapidfire Spotlights:
Ok let's start with two chapters from way back...As a birthday present (last month) the author Breakthewalls released two chapters that I really enjoyed reading very much. :-D A chapter involving Jaina Proudmore using her feet to interrogate you for his own interactive: Fantasy Foot Fetish Mansion ( and a chapter involving worshiping Batgirl's feet for mine: Comic Book Women's Feet (

Since then Breakthewalls has released a lot of other noteworthy chapters as well including a couple of chapters for the Soulcalibur Shrink Story ( by Shanks continuing Xianghua's and Talim's storylines and 2 chapters involving Kairi's feet for both Zinkro's (make sure you check out Lelouch's follow up chapter as well) and Howdyboy's Kingdom Hearts interactives.

Speaking of the latter author...when last I talked about Howdyboy, he had suffered a major setback and had lost several of his popular interactives. Since then he has come back really strong...releasing (and re-releasing) several really great stories. Check out his profile here to see the entire list. My favorite story of his to receive additions so far is Kingdom Hearts Foot Fetish 2 ( containing a storyline involving Paine's feet from the moderator himself as well as Roxas exploring his foot fetish with Larxene's feet written by the author Shanks and Justin Kredible.

It should also be mentioned that Shanks added another really great chapter involving Larxene torturing a tiny Sora under her feet for Zinkro's Kingdom Hearts Shrinking story interactive ( as well. Go Larxene!!

Ok next up is the story Plot Hole by Daniel Wickie. This new interactive explores the interesting premise of discovering a trapped girl with her feet sticking out of a hole. Just imagine what you would do in that situation. :-D It definitely helps that one of the possible characters that you could find in this compromising situation is Ino Yamanaka and that there's a story arc started for her. ^_^

Using Ino as a segway, another hot female Ninja from Naruto to receive a chapter recently is the hot redhead Karin. I've just gotten up to the episodes involving her in the anime so getting to read a chapter about her using her feet to play with a tiny Naruto (from my old writing partner Dylan M. no less) really made my day. You can find the chapter a long with Several other hot ninja girls' feet in Melroser's Naruto and Feet interactive here.

Speaking of Dylan...his Avatar, Naruto and Foot Stink interactive ( is still going strong. The latest additions that I'm really enjoying reading involve Naruto becoming Katara's foot pet by the authors Ron9000 and theboss.

It seems I can't avoid posting at least one of Mr. Cool's interactives every spotlight (I guess that's because his stories really rock. :-) The latest chapters to hook me in are 3 different story arcs in his The Smell of her feet interactive ( The first involves Kagome punishing you with her feet by the author Lawliet, the second one is a continuation of a storyline involving you becoming a footslave to Yoruichi by the author Jakemeister and the third continues an Orihime arc with feet getting some much needed attention by the author For You.

Another author that's constantly updating his interactives with outstanding material is the author Mr. E.
Focusing on GTS content...all 4 of this author's stories (available in his profile here) are really good. For this week's spotlight I would like to focus on his Code Geass R1/R2 Shrinking story ( In the past I've mentioned how much I liked the CC, Kallen and Euphemia arcs (which you guys should check out along with the Nunnaly and Shirley arc if you haven't already) but the most recent chapter to grab my attention is a chapter involving Lelouch getting trapped in a hot purple haired girl's shoe. GTS footplay totally rocks!!

Ok...that's going to do it for today. Have a great day everyone and as usual...more to come soon!!


  1. Great posts on these hotties KSC, I really like the one with the short hair, she must have the most dexterous toes in the world, I bet her feet would be great for scissor moves ;)

  2. So Meryl's her name....I like it ^_^

    Heh, yeah, like I said before her feet are really dexterous, she'll be great at scissor moves.

  3. even someone that doesnt have a foot fetish would fall for such talented toes

  4. Thanks DW. Yeah I'd love to try tickling both of them.

    I'd love to be scissored by Meryl too BreaktheWalls.

    It's true Match. ^_^

  5. oh yes !
    very nice =D
    xD i loved that episode that was also one of my all time favorite anime,own the whole set on dvd =P

    yay for a mass of spotlights looks like i got some reading to get to keep up the good work KSC

  6. Yet,Another scene that was on my list. Awesome work.

  7. Thanks Lawliet...Enjoy the chapters :-)

    No problem guys. ^_^

  8. yo cool find ksc

    trigun is a great anime

    i was thinking of this episode too!

    i saw a top 5 for gunslinging girls

    and meryl wasn't on it

    at least rally vincent was on it.

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  10. i forgot all about this episode it used to be one of my favorites just becasue of this scene.

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